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Is John Deere Company too stubborn

Recently I ordered a  new 1590 drill. Then someone told me that the air planter has much narrower depth guage wheels which allows for more uniform depth of the seeds. That makes sense because the wider wheel will come in more contact with obstacles. I was told the narrower wheel would fit the 1590. When I asked my dealer, he said the narrow wheel was not configured for the 1590. All that means, I guess, is that since JD didn't decide to let that option come on new 1590's, they wouldn't send my new planter that way. That is dumb. If I spend 50, 000 for a planter, wouldn't you think they would give you what you want. They did say I could spend extra money for them and throw away my new wider wheels.


I believe the same thing happened with the finger pickup. Farmers for years complained about JD not upgrading. So, other companies designed their own upgrades. I guess that is why Kinse planers give JD a run for their money.

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Re: Is John Deere Company too stubborn

There is an after market supplier that has the narrow wheels for the no-till. It is made for Needham Ag Technologies, LLC.
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