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Re: Is this a new combine in the works?

I see your point, but take this combine for example.  It appears to have 4 large 'floatation' tires on it, but how much does it weigh?

If it carries 1,000 bu, that alone is 60,000# of soybeans or wheat, PLUS the weight of the combine, grain tank, etc, etc.   We're probably talking 100,000#, carried on 4 points of contact.   That is 25,000# on each tire, assuming a balanced load.   That is more than my whole combine weighs, maybe even with a full grain tank.   In our soils, if it is 'too wet' we can see the combine tracks for the next 2 years.

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Re: Is this a new combine in the works?

the combine itself  does not look that  heavy to me its a S77  with a 1000bu grain  tank,  loaded yeah you got some weight there  465 lexion weights 36000  empty and 54000 or so full  depending on crop and moistures  2 36" tracks and 28Ls on the  mud hog it floats great  better than any dual wheeled combine or one with terra tires,  those tires on that prototype are way too small they look like 800 metric r1's  thats just   not going to cut it   I dont think you will have to worry about a rut because it  will be usless in mud and barely make it off the turn row 

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Re: Is this a new combine in the works?

Dang! I'm rich!  Smiley Very Happy

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