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JD 1750 Conservation Planter

Never had a misread on  monitor until started planting 32,000 and then every now and then the monitor went crazy on rows 4-6.Is it to high a count for monitor. Corn stand is beautiful so the planting was okay. The count always went high. Planter is in exellent shape and tracor is a 12V 4240. Need help for an old man who is still a rookie in most respects. This 6 row has to last me out.

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Re: JD 1750 Conservation Planter

Has to be a row sensor. I had 2 1760's and occasionally one row would do the same and then settle down. Take a sensor from a row that does not give erratic readings and switch with one that does. See if the problem persists.

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Re: JD 1750 Conservation Planter

11 --- i had the same thing with a 7200 vac planter --- every once in a while - one or two rows would go ape -- It was a simple fix --- unplug the monitor cable ( the one that hooks from the planter to the tractor . mine was right behind the cab ) and spray both ends with electrical cleaner - this always fixed mine .



good luck

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