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JD 2950 to pull 7240 6/11??

I am looking at buying a 7240 6/11 Deere vac planter that does not have the PTO pump for the vacuum.... I don't know much about these planters, we have always used 7000's in the past.  I understand that the 7240 uses a lot of hydraulics to run the lift, markers, and vacuum pump.  We have a Deere 2950 MFWD to pull the planter with.  Is that enough of a tractor to pull and operate this planter with?  Thanks for your input!



SW Iowa

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Re: JD 2950 to pull 7240 6/11??

   You may have enough power but not enough tractor hydraulics or weight.   I'm not all that familiar with a 2950 but isn't it close to a 6430?   The planter has so much negative tongue weight you should have at least a 12,000# tractor on it.   I use a 130HP 2 WD with duals and the inside rears loaded.  It works better than the 105HP FWA I used to use on it.   The larger tractor keeps you from being thrown around by the planter.   Believe me when I say that when the planter is full all that negative tongue weight will be the tail wagging the dog.  I don't think you have the hydraulics to run the vacuum fan and lift it.  Even though I had the hydraulics to run everything I put the pump on the PTO.  It kept the oil cooler and gave me more lift capacity not to mention a small fuel savings.   Hydraulics are an awfully inefficient way to power anything.  Pump and hoses were about $1600.

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