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JD 690D excavator

  what are the good and bad points to look for on one of these high hos.  Want to use it for knocking down some old buildings and houses of different farms also some trees .  Motor and turntable gearbox has been rebuilt and it has no thumb or aux. hydraulics. It is  a model 1988 , thanks for anyinformation. dan

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Re: JDK 690 D excavator

Just check the basics.Run it Warm it up good.Check the boom and stick for being straight,look at and check pins and bushings on boom and stick.Check over undercarrage.If it is worn too much replacement can cost more that machine is worth.It does take alot of farm work to wear the undercarrage out to a level it can,t be used.

The main pump is a costly item on the units.Hope this helps

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