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JD 9610 and 843 settings and info

Recently purchased a 1998 JD 9610 to upgrade from a 8820 Titan II and was wondering about any thoughts, considerations, concerns, settings, etc. that I should keep in mind.  We have a little over 100 acres of corn to take off.  The combine has duals, the regular auger, and regular flip up bin extensions.  Would an extension for the unloading auger be a helpful thing to get, we have it on the 8820 and it seems to make a difference, but this one is higher it seems and we are running the 8 row corn head and have a 25 ft platform (looking at a 30 probably) with a grain cart also.  I know rear wheel assist is nice, but is it worth the money to get it and would a used system be fine or would new be the only way to go?  It also has the original Greenstar yield monitor system which will be a great improvement over what the 8820 offered once I get it figured out and calibrated correctly; on this note should I take the monitor for it and my cab cam out of it when it starts to get down around freezing so that the screens are not ruined, I know that they do not recommend LCD tvs to be out in the cold where the liquid could possibly freeze.  Has anyone used or know of anyone who has used a programmer for the engine to get more power out of it, I know that Area Diesel offers one that is sold through Shoup and Abilene Machine and was wondering of pros or cons.  We are replacing the water pump since it is the original and has approx. 3,000/2,600 hrs (best I can remember off the top of my head) and they say they can fail and the bearings can fall down the engine to make the crankshaft grenade through the engine.  Any help or input would be appreciated.

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