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John Deere 1850 No-Till Drill

Does anyone know anything about the rock shaft drop down kit? I don't have enough travel with the units to get enough flexibility and down pressure in true no till. I have read about this kit but my local John Deere doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about. I'm looking for what the kit consist of, how long it takes to put on and costs. What I understand is the kit will lower the rock shaft about 2 inches which would be perfect. I've already put new blades on which didn't fix the problem.
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matt hagny

Re: John Deere 1850 No-Till Drill

You can also disassemble and flip your current rockshaft 'hangers' upside down and you'll be pretty close (a little more drop down than what the kit does, but better a smidge low than too high -- and you can always adjust the height slightly with the size of the transport tires).

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