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John Deere 6000 Sprayer

Looking at replacing wheel sprayer with a deere 6000. I farm smaller scale than most, so Im thinking it would be nice on our place.  Mostly level, mostly bottoms.  I like the mechanical simplicity and the 60 ft booms, since I have 30 ft planter. I know it probably been a while since you guys had one, but just wondering what to be wary of while shopping.  Thanks to all.

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Re: John Deere 6000 Sprayer

Friend of mine had a 6500. Basically same machine. His booms wouldn't fold completely in without help from a very tall man, and the front axle liked to walk. Being that high up, I'm sure it's hard on spindles and pivots. I noticed some old welds on rear axle tubes, so that might be something else to check. Basically a solid machine with a simple raven type controller. Worst thing I found was no chemical inductor and you had to play monkey-man every time you loaded it.
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