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John Deere 6430 Vs. Ford Tw5

Thinking of replacing our Ford Tw5 with a Deere 6430. Just wondering if it will pull an 8 shank chisel plow and 12 foot no till drill as well as the Tw5. both would be MFD.

Thanks for any input.... 


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Re: John Deere 6430 Vs. Ford Tw5

I think it would be a little light. I would go with a 7000 series deere. They have a heavier frame
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Re: John Deere 6430 Vs. Ford Tw5

I have a 6415MFWD with loader,  and pull an 8 shank chisel. Honestly, I think a little more horsepower would handle it better.  It works, just a tad bit too much for the tractor at times.

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