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John Deere 7800 powershift, 1993

I bought this tractor used with about 16000 hours on it, about a year ago. The transmission has been working perfectly since I bought it, but recently some transmission lights were flashing - hydraulic and filter lights if I remember correctly. So I changed both transmission oil filters. The lights no longer flash. However, since then it can hardly move off (it tries to) in gears 1-7. It's still good in all other gears - including low reverse gears. Since I can easily start in 8 or 9, I am carrying on - hoping that maybe there's some air in the lines, or some rubbish of some sort that's stopping the clutches in the low gears working,and that it will go away. But it's been like this for about a week now ( I use it for a couple of hours a day) so I am starting to wonder what I can do.  There are very few experts in New Zealand and the agents just send the whole thing away to be serviced. I don't want to get into doing that. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be pleased to receive them.





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