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John Deere Gator 550 or Kawasaki Mule 610

 Considering purchasing either a Gator 550 or Mule 610, both would be 4-wheel drive.  Both would be used mainly for light duty work around the farm.  Any suggestions or reviews would be appreciated.

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Re: John Deere Gator 550 or Kawasaki Mule 610

 I suggest a used golf cart if you don't need it for heavy use.  More economical to operate and initally cheaper.  I have one with a 5" lift kit and ATV tires and it's amazing what it'll go thru.

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Re: John Deere Gator 550 or Kawasaki Mule 610

i light my battery golf crt a lot better that a 4 wheeler . recharge is a lot cheaper than gas  but my bro like his 610 better than his junkie golfd cart. ive had my kart about 5 yrs and the batteries were 2 yrs old then and they cost about 600

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Re: John Deere Gator 550 or Kawasaki Mule 610

I have a 610 ...In think it's the XC version. Factory more aggressive tires, lift kit, etc. It does everything I ask, and I ask a lot at times.  Last week it spent a lot of time tree trimming. Mom had a guy cleaning up under her pine trees and removing dead branches and it

hauled that for a couple days.  A storm went through Thursday and we cleaned up trees for a couple ladies from church. One tree I said "Cut it in two and I'll drag it to the pile"


"That won't pull anything that big!"


It did.


I have a 15 gallon sprayer that gets used a lot.  I've been waging all out war on Poison Hemlock and Johnsongrass.


We have a 50 gallon tank (originally a starter tank from a JD planter a LONG time ago) my wife has used all summer watering some trees we planted this year.


I plumbed in a 12 volt pump and 50 ft garden hose and threw a battery in the  cargo box and put a blue light on top and it was a 1st response unit for our 4th of July celebration at the local park.


Having said all that, I'd look closely at that 550 before buying the Mule.  I think it has a bit more speed, maybe a bigger engine, and may ride better because I think it has fully independent suspension instead of a solid rear axle.


There are two things about the Mule that could be improved.  A bit more speed (23 or 24 MPH) and it would be nice if it were quieter.  It's very difficult to talk while moving.

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