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John Deere wiring

I just got done rewiring the lights on my 2020 and I have a problem. I know basic wiring, but I'm not too good with eletrical stuff. I have two 50watt sealed beam halogens (one right now actually, other is broke and I haven't replaced it yet) and 3 35watt sealed beam halogens wiried into one terminal on the back on my light switch and I also have three flashers all wired into another terminal. All wiring is brand new and is 14g. There are like 5 terminals I can wire into and its a 3 position switch. When I have just the flashers connected, the first position they are off, second they are on, third they are on, but dim. When I connect the lights, the lights come on in the first and second position and dim in the third position. This is how I wanted them, but when the lights and flashers are connected, the flashers go off in the third position. Also, when anything is connected, the little coil thing with the white cover over it starts getting hot and smoking. Do I have too many lights wired to too few terminals? I tested the terminals with a meter and they all come on and off at different positions. Anyone have a diagram for the switch? Any help is appreciated!

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