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Just purchased a 100 gallon vat batch pasteurizer. Not quite sure how to hook it up...

photo (4).JPGJust purchased a 100 gallon vat batch pasteurizer for my business. We make liquid plant and soil food. We decided to pasteurizer our product instead of using preservatives so we could obtain a 100% organic certification. The problem is, we don't know how to hook this thing up. Since we're not doing anything food-grade, we can get creative. I was thinking of using a cheap hot water tank, running that through a tankless water heater to boost the temp, running that into the pasteurizer, and then pulling it from the pasteurizer back into the hot water tank. However, i'm not sure if this will work. Can anyone provide any ideas or advice? We are looking for the easiest, most cost-effective way to heat water up to 145 degrees for a half hour. 





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