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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Contributor

Killbros wagon door

I hate these Killbro gravity wagon doors.  They have the channel iron with holes punched in it and a wheel with knobs on it to engage the holes and raise the slide.  They bind, slip out of the hole, wear the holes out and have a dozen other aggravating characteristics.


I'm looking at ways to replace the opening mechanism.  I have one wagon with a flat, toothed vertical piece (like a gear that was striaghtened out) that is engage b y another toothed gear connected to the wheel.  It's not too bad, but where do you get a flat iron with teeth?


Another wagon has a regular roller chain was was welded to the vertical piece and a regular toothed sprocket drives it.  I might be able to make one of those.


But, if there is already something out there that is simple to put on, or if you have a great idea for a slide opening mechanism, I'd like to hear it.



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Re: Killbros wagon door

We welded a chunk of steel in the chanel with holes, about 6 or 7 inches long where the holes were worn out, then drilled out the holes. Has worked out well.
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Re: Killbros wagon door

We swapped over to a Kilbros the whole rack and pinion setup from an old McCurdy box that had rusted out from fertilizer use. The door mechanism was still in great shape. The neatest door opener I have seen was a trailer jack mounted to the door using a piece of angle iron on the foot of the jack with two bolts through the box and another bracket bolted to the door for the top of the jack, so the jack was upside down, making it easy to reach the crank. It might not open as wide as the original, depending on the stroke of the jack you use. Very easy to regulate speed with that and sticky doors and wet corn are no sweat for a trailer jack. Probably overkill, but works nice, and your 50# kid can open it. It won't slide shut on you either, when those rediculous wooden brakes on the Kilbros start to slip and the bolts in them are froze up!

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