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Kioti Tractor

There is a neighbor of mine that is a Kioti tractor dealer for the money they don't act like bad tractors, but does anyone have any experience with one? 



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Re: Kioti Tractor

A guy I know had one that he bought new. After he had it a short time, the clutch disk rusted to the input shaft which made it almost impossible to shift. It was fresh out of warranty of course, so he had to pay to get it split and have all the rusty internals polished up and greased so that it would work. He was so disgusted that he traded it in for a Kubota. I looked at it and thought the Kioti kind of looked like a rough attempt to simulate an old Kubota, kind of like a Belarus looked like a crude copy of an old Deutz from the 1950s.


I think if you are handy, you could make it work, but if you expect machinery to be dependable, you will be disappointed with it.

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