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Let's talk small crawlers

I have a Deere 350 crawler loader and would like to get a bulldozer of about the same or slightly larger size. Besides the Deere 350 and 450s what other crawlers are good?

Cats seem to bring a premium price, probably more than I want to spend. Anyone have any experience with Komatsu's? You seem to see quite a few of them for sale. Are the old Case crawler's any good? What about Dressers? Are they related to IHC?

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Re: Let's talk small crawlers

komatsus i have seen look just like cats, dressers and ihc used to be kin dont know any more

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Re: Let's talk small crawlers

Personally I'll stick with Deere. I have a 450 crawler loader. I can go to ag dealer and get a lot of the parts for it and they are cheaper than from construction deere dealer. Case makes a good unit but if you get a cowboy running it, well..... the final drives are a little weak. Cat is (to me) a equal to Deere, just more $$ up front and parts are higher also. hth. Vern

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