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Liquid Side dressers /size & make ???

May  purchase  new 12 or 16 row liquid fert side dresser       so  :  any discussion or experiences with size issues  or makes :  Ag System or Progressive (Kongskilde)  for corn or Dry Beans ?

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Re: Liquid Side dressers /size & make ???

Have a Blu-Jet 16 row 30" , since 2003 has a 1400 gallon tank. No complaints after this many years. Think gull wings are strongly recommended! 1400 gals is nice when putting on 30 + gals. But filled up is a lot of weight on 1 axle for compaction. Knocks down a lot of corn when trying to  back in the corners. This model has a cone tank which is very nice , empty,s out to the last 1 gallon, doesn't matter going up or down or on side hills.

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