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Re: Looking for opinions

Wow, you are right on with the nitrogen.  The cows are leaving after 38 years and I will be putting on N.  My hope for this young man is to keep a open mind, so he can have success.  I farmed with all the inputs for about 12 years and new tractors and equipment.  Each fall the I harvested the crop and gave the money to the bank.


 I really have less growing degree days, than even 2 or 3 miles inland from Lake.  I have always used a 95 day corn for High Moisture 26 % Corn for cattle, but now want to get down to 20% for dry.  We are warmer in Winter near the lake, but can you really tell the difference from 10 below to 20 below 0.  Thanks Pupdaddy for input.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: Looking for opinions

Buy equipment that you can get parts and service for (what you can't do yourself).  All tractors are going up in price.  In your shoes, I'd look at an older White.  Good, solid tractor and easy to work on.  All I farm wtih are Olivers.  The Waukesha engine can be tempermental, but if you sty with a Perkins or Cummins you'll do OK.  Don't get the MM engine like in the 2-150.

There are lots of discussions in the Shop and Buildings and Bins discussion groups on shops.  Check them out and then ask more questions.


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