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Machinery Prices Going Up?

I heard third-hand that short line manufacturers like Great Plains and others have recently had a 16% increase in price due to steel prices.


There is some speculation - only that at this point - that mainline distributors may be considering price increases.


Do you know anything about this?

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Re: Machinery Prices Going Up?

I dont think so, as I had a deal with a company name AgroAsia Tractors and received the quotation on Nov' 2018.

just last month after a little discussion they accepted the amount and I sent them payment. 


you can check with them also :


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Re: Machinery Prices Going Up?

I am also agreed with the above discussion. The prices of agriculture machinery are day by day hiking which is a very tight condition for the tractor dealers and an ordinary Farmers in the World. Besides, it is much high time carry on Agricultural machinery business


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