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Machinery honors

At the AG CONNECT Expo last winter, the ag engineers association gave special honors to five equipment innovations for the year (full story.)


(That mower is pretty amazing, with its engine, wheel drive, and other components all housed completely inside the roller wheels. Visiting cattle farms in Switzerland once made me wonder how they could ever mow those extremely steep sidehills.)


When I put the story together, it struck me that farmers might have their own list of favorite innovations. What would be some fairly recent machinery introduction that you would cite as especially remarkable?







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Re: Machinery honors

I dont' have anything to suggest, but that mower idea is awesome.  I could use one right now for some ditch banks.  If they can keep the price reasonable, I'd think they'd sell well.  Especially if you can make the remotely operable.

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Re: Machinery honors

Vertical tillage has changed the way we farm.  A year ago I thought a VT machine was a giant waste of time and fuel.  Somehow I ended up buying a brand new Salford in January without running it on our own farm or even seeing one in the field.  Within the first 2 hours of running it this spring I knew we had made the right decision.

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