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Magnum hour meter reset

I have a 2008 Magnum 275  with about 1600 hrs.  One day I started it up and the hour meter reset to 0 hours.  Also had to recalibrate few things.  Anyone know what's going on?  

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Re: Magnum hour meter reset

My suggestion is to run straight to your CNH dealer and work on a trade.  With a low houred tractor like that, they have no reason not to give you a reasonable trade offer.  LOL


Don't you just love all the electronics these days?  30 to 35 years ago when we were running IH 856's & JD 4630's, our major concern was the A/C.  Don't hardly hear of simple breakdowns anymore.  We bought a new 7140 back in 1988 and @ 1100 hours the electronic dash went out, luckily it was a warranty claim and CIH replaced it and it has worked fine ever since.

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