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Making head carrier

What is involved in making a corn or bean head carrier?  They look pretty simple.  I'm told you need a running gear wtih small tires?  Anything else to consider?  I have an 8 row setup and can actually get around with it, but there are times when a carrier would be nice and I think I'm going to have an extra running gear.

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Re: Making head carrier

Knave seen kits advertised that had the brackets that hooked the throat, and would hold beams at the proper spacing and angle to secure the head. You supplied the tuning gear and the beams. Personally, just looking at the neighbors I don't think they would be hard to make, they are just two beams set to carry the head by the frame, with hooks at the throat area, and places to attach tie downs.
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Re: Making head carrier

We built a header cart for a 6 row Gleaner black head. Didn't need smaller tires...but what you do have to watch making it so you have to be too "precise" when you line it up to take it off. You have to have some room on the you can be 5 inches off with your placement..and the head will still ride and be secured easily. You also have to have the one side high that the header assumes the proper "attitude" to release it from the throat of the combine. On an eight might need a longer reach pole...and maybe a longer tongue.


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