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McCormick CT65U Fuel Delivery Problems

I have a McCormick CT65U with 542 hours. The engine will not run at full speed. Once it starts it will run ok for 20 minutes +/-, and then the engine speed will decrease to an idle only. Fuel Filters have been changed. Fuel Filter assembly (complete) has been replaced. it still seems as though the tractor isn't getting enough fuel. The fuel tank is clean, and we only run 'on-road' diesel. i have been unable to see if there is a screen in the tank on the outlet for the fuel. Any help in figuring this problem out would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,

Jody S. Calcote

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Re: McCormick CT65U Fuel Delivery Problems

sometimes you can get the body of a spider into the fuel tank that plugs up the line like that. Have had that happen more than once with symptoms such as yours. It will sometimes bother and then not bother. You may need to find the drain on the fuel tank and completely drain it.

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