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Need Owner's manual for dummies

I have a 9760 combine purchased recently. The dealer salesman is supposed to fulfill his promise to help with setting up the YM and touch set controls. He's a no show. I have read the manual somewhat and it apparently was written for someone other than myself. There are three sections that deals with the topics but it does not give an elementary how-to description step by step. It has a procedure but does not specify which section must be done first.

I cannot get the controls to come up with the right codes to set up. It only goes so far before hanging up. There might be a glitch in the software. Is there a way to run diagnostics to see if it is running properly? Still learning.

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Re: Need Owner's manual for dummies

As far as what I have heard you are stuck with the JD brown box on your combine.  A few years ago they updated things and made everyone switch to farm doc.  We had lots of trouble with ours (9770) getting set up, and had to have our dealer set it up.  A phone call every two hours to the service manager or even the general manager, being nice and polite, just to 'check on the status of your problem' has gotten me good results in the past.  Good luck

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