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New Holland 492 wobble box repair

I recently purchased a 492 New Holland Haybine in great shape with the acception of the wobble box.  Uppon removel of the wobble box I found that it was not only dry inside but rusty into the bargin.  My local dealer informed me that even they won't attempt rebuilding these gearboxes and only sell Remanufactured units.  In addition my dealer didn't even want to sell me the bearings and seals needed to attempt the rebuild.  Fortunalty my Deere dealer was able to supply me with the needed bearings and seals.  


I have learned that New Holland no longer offers the specs for rebuilding this gearbox to even their dealers.  The wobble box is actuially very simple.  I'm looking for any advice on the yoke preload and any shimming specs that any one has to offer.  I  have a dial indicator, micrometer and I know how to use them just need some pointers on what kind of end play or preload I should be looking for.  


Any advice would be appreciated.



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Pat in CMO
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Re: New Holland 492 wobble box repair

Can't help with any specs or pointers, but it sounds like most dealers anymore. Don't want to fix any componants just replace with a high dollar reman.  Patrick

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Re: New Holland 492 wobble box repair

As someone who has had things rebuilt at the dealer, it seems that by the time you pay for the parts, labor, etc, you are actually better off swapping out a reman assembly yourself.   The cost isn't much different, and the reman parts come with a better warranty.

As to the specs for rebuilding it  yourself, try to find an old timer mechanic who used to work on that stuff, maybe he'd remember about how to set it.   However, a lot of that stuff, like bearing preload, was done more by feel, than by measurement.

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