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New Skid Steer Mustang or Deere?

I'm looking to buy a new skid steer loader for my farming operation.  Forks and some light material handing will be it's use.

I have  strong Deere and Mustang  dealers equal distance from the farm.  Looking at a 315 Deere and a  2044 Mustang.  Any one out there have any good or bad experiences with these models?  Or am I looking at the wrong brand?


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Re: New Skid Steer Mustang or Deere?

we used to be a mustang dealer, they were simple , very few electronics, i worked on a325 jd skid steer other day  had somelectronics and had a code which means more stuff to work on. now we are a jcb dealer, kinda cool cuz you get in from the side

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Most popular skidsteer?

Would be a Bob Cat.

We all tend to look at familiar farm brands when we look for additional equipment. Bobcat has more machines in operation than all others combined. This doesn't guarantee they are the best, but it sure gives them a leg up. I am happy with mine and the service also. Personally, available service would carry lots of weight in the decision.



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