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Old Farmers And Old Machinery

Sometimes I think if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all.  For no known reason the header drive belt broke on the old NH combine so that took a service call to get it running.  Then a coolant hose came off the Oliver 1550 but I didn't get that figured out because I couldn't see it, so I diddled around and ended breaking the temperature sensor so had to replace that along with a belt (actually two belts because I messed up on the size of the first one) before I finally got it running.  It's my auger tractor.  Then yesterday the main drive belt went out on the combine so that's another half  a day running after one because the local dealer didn't have one in stock.  Putting it on by one's self is not fun but I got it done.  I'm too old to be climbing around on top of combines but there was no one else to do it.  It's time to start slowing down.  A good friend of mine says no more - he's hiring the combining done in the future.  That's tempting but so expensive.  Well, less than 50 acres of corn to go and I hope it goes along OK.  I don't figure I can afford to buy a different combine but it's hard to swallow fixing this one.

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Re: Old Farmers And Old Machinery

Well, with age comes experience and things should get easier, you`ve replaced the belts bearings and hoses dozens of other times and now know the short cuts  Smiley Happy    But, with my age I`ve lost my nerve on some jobs like moving machinery on the road, I`ve grown to loath it.   I over think everything I`ve got a 15 ton tractor with duals and if it conked out "dead in the water" it would block the road right where it dies and until Tony`s Wrecker Service gets there you are the lonliest man on earth and probably unpopular with drivers in the blocked traffic as well.   When I was a kid that never crossed my mind.  But, if you check it over before you go and it has worked fine for 10hrs in the field, the odds are it should be okay for a 1 hr road trip...but still, what if?

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Re: Old Farmers And Old Machinery

I know how you feel Jim. The stuff I run is so old that if I hear a funny noise I just turn the radio up a little to get my mind off the impending break down. I usually don't stop until there is excessive vibration.

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