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Oliver 1755 Stuck Shifter

;I have a Oliver 17755 t;hat is stuck in 4th gear.  Had been stuck twice before...once in 6th gear and again in 4th.  I am having trouble getting it out of 4th.  My persoanl guess is the shifting forks may be bad.  Do I have to split the tractor to change them or can I just pull the top off the transmission housing?  Any other information would be deeply appreciated.   Thanks in advance.

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Re: Oliver 1755 Stuck Shifter

Down where the shift lever goes in the top of the transmission there are two bolts. Remove them and pull shift lever out.Look down in hole and make sure all three shift forks are in line and then replace shift lever. The 1655 I had would jump over the forks every once and awhile. You won't have as much trouble with this if you make sure you are stopped completely when shifting from forward to reverse gear.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: Oliver 1755 Stuck Shifter

What Rawhide said.  If you have to, you can put a long screwdriver down and align the forks.


I found it helps prevent this if one doesn't force the shift.  I would 'pop" the tractor out of gear, let the springs you see when you pull the shifter out center the shift lever, "pop" it into the other range if you are going from one range to another and then shift into gear normally.


If you "pop" it out, it will release normally.

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