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Options on new JD 1770 planter

We are looking at ordering a 16 row JD 1770NT planter.  A couple questions for you guys.  Has anyone had experience with the Sharktooth combo row cleaner/Coulter?  I understand it is manufactured by Yetter, but avail thru Deere on a new planter. Don't want to make a costly mistake here, so let me know your thoughts please!  Also do you think the ProMax 40 system plants as accurately as the Precision E-set system. We are thinking we could just order the planter with the bean discs and by the E-sets later. Do you think the long parallel arms are a must? Probably so if you want the row cleaners?     Thanks in advance for your comments!


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Re: Options on new JD 1770 planter

The Sharkteeth wippers work very very good. We have used them on a Kinze and now we ordered a new planter like you are looking at and we will get sharkteeth with coulters on it . I think we are getting the proset 40 discs. Demoed a planter last spring but did not have Sharkteeeth but the planter worked good.

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