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Organic fertilizer granular makine machine

Organic fertilizer granulator is used for granulation of organic matter after fermentation, the structure and mechanical transmission of the organic fertilizer granulator are relatively simple.

The particles prcompressive strength of organic fertilizer granulator is higher than that of rotary drum granulator. The uniformity of particle size can be adjusted according to user's requirements. The machine is most suitable for direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation, saving the drying process and greatly reducing the manufacturing cost.

new-type-organic-fertilizer-granulator machine.jpg

Feature of organic fertilizer granular makine machine

  • Among many organic fertilizer production equipment, the importance of organic fertilizer granulator ranks first. The content of organic matter can be as high as 100%. Organic matter granulation can be completed. Granulator using organic particles in a certain role, can be embedded in each other grow up, granulating does not need to add binder.
  • Organic fertilizer granulator adopts the microbial fermentation technology to make the manure of livestock and poultry, urban garbage, etc. into deodorized and sterile organic fertilizer with high fertilizer efficiency and without burning roots and seedlings, which is used in the grain field, fruits, vegetables and flowers, and is suitable for the technical transformation of the new plant or the original compound fertilizer plant.
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