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PTO on IH 186

I need to rebuild the PTO on my IH 186, it is slipping and leaking.  Where is a good online guide to pulling and rebuilding the PTO.  Thanks in advance. 

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Veteran Contributor

Re: PTO on IH 186

I would call around and price diff dealers .Easy to pull them out yourself then take them to a dealer, kinda need a special tool to release the spring for a total rebuild.I thought it was around three hunderd for seals and disk .

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Jared 1066

Re: PTO on IH 186

I just had the pto go out on my 1066. I pulled the unit off my self in about an hour and a half, and now is being rebuilt by my uncle.


You do need a special tool but the service manual I borrowed tells you how to make it with a pipe and some threaded rod, and some other misl things.


I wish I had known about being able to make the tool before I had taken the unit to my uncle, he has access to the tool and knows how to rebuild them, but if I had know I would have just rebuild it myself.  My dad worked on automatic transmissions for years which is basically what the pto unit is so it would have been very simple for us.


Let me know if you want some tips on pulling the unit, a engine hoist is a must, and there are also a few thing you need to watch for.


Btw it was about $550 for new clutches, seals, and a new control valve, for a 1066 anyway.


Good luck,



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