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Pickup Tonneau Cover Opinons Sought

What features of a tonneau cover do you like?  Which do you dislike?  How do you use your tonneau cover?


I'm thinking of buying a new pickup this fall and might put a tonneau cover on it.  I don't expect I'll need to use the entire truck bed, so a roll up that covers the front of the bed may be OK.  I doubt if I'll need to remove it very often.


Do you get what you pay for in a tonneau cover, or are there some secret steals out there?  Can you put it on yourself or should I have a professional install it?


Thanks for any ideas I should look into.

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Re: Pickup Tonneau Cover Opinons Sought

All I can say is to be sure that the side rails are one continuous piece.   The segmented ones I have seen can leak, as can the ones that just snap down.   If it doesn't have to be 100% weather proof- the snap down ones at one time were quite a bit cheaper.

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