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Planter Prices

Used Planter values have been moving higher last 8 weeks or so. Here's a new Youtube video I just posted, highlights of Planters sold on recent auctions in North Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and North Dakota....some real late-model ones:






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Re: Planter Prices

   Pete, speaking of planters....  Back in '04 I bought a JD 7240 planter, 6-11 for 13K when I wanted a better handle on population count planting RR beans.  Within a couple years everybody in the area switched to planters for beans and parked their no till drills.  I rarely see anyy 6-11 planters advertised anymore.  The last planter I did see advertised was 16K that was similar to mine.  I realize people are going to larger planters but where did all the 6-11 planters go?

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