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Polaris Youth Razor

Are these things just a piece of junk or did I just get a bad one?  The whole top end of the motor is shot with the kids only putting about 15 hours on it.  Polaris didn't do a very good job on the air intake on these machines.  Hindsight is 20/20 because looking at it now these machines are a toy and aren't made to ever be taken off the pavement.  And Polaris won't stand behind them.  And they've had my kids since the first of June at the dealer and won't have the air intake modifications until "at least the middle of August".  Wouldn't you think if they are issuing a recall for air intake modifications and you took the whole top end of the motor out that they ought to cover it?  I've never bought a Polaris before and this will definately be our last.

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