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Precision Planting Products

If I remember correctly, there was a small thread on these components not to long ago, but can't remember.  I was thinking they didn't offer much improvement on CIH factory setups.  If anyone has an experience on these products, are they worth the money?  Not even sure if I can improve on my CIH 1200, but I'm always open to new technology that offers improved results.  I've got a local crop consultant that is now a dealer for them and I know it's only a matter of time before he contacts me with his sales pitch.  I was wanting to have at least some type of baseline knowledge of what they offer, but don't see much for the CIH line.

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Re: Precision Planting Products

if you can go to the NFMS in louisville there will be a whole bunch of guys telling you that if you turn loose of some cash your life will be sooooooooooo much easier. to really answer your question i have a jd planter and there are some precision parts on it but not all of them

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Re: Precision Planting Products

shaggy, the easiest ROI is the following:


Precision downpressure

keeton seed firmers

the ipad thing

20é20 monitor

wavevision sensors


all PP info has substantial empirical data that STRONGLY suggests downpressure needs to be automated and adjusted in situ for soil varations in your field. Our local extension agents have long known this and have been screaming this for years, and we know that even emergence trumps even plant spacing in corn, everytime, no exceptions. your only getting 1-2% w impoved spacing (aka nothing). Since your completely Notill, you may even be able to tell if your not getting sufficient ground contact in places. This is very common in unballasted or nonfertilizer corn planters that are used in NT situations. The downpressure system either adds or subtracts airforce to keep at least a minimum of downpressure on your row unit so that the gauge wheels dont rise out. You set the minimum weight you want on the wheels.


firmers- you probably already have these on.. but they were ag invention of the year 2011.. nuff said.


the ipad thing lets you know exactly what your speed was, dp, singulation, etc in a place in a field. So you can diagnose poor pops, yields, uneven emergence, etc. Gotta make sure you measure your pops of corn shaggy! Otherwise, there will never be any improvement. You can CSI why your stand sucked, or rocked. Might even do soil tests, penetrometer tests, texture tests, etc in crappy areas.


wavevision-- for dusty, dusty, dusty days, these sensors will give you far more accurate population readings than standard tubes, at least vs JD tube and sensor. dunno bout CIH.


In summary, skip town on the precision meters and row cleaner stuff, buy the things that I recommend... LOL! Use the promotional materials. IF nothing, consider the DP management and seed firmers.

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