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Pulling a grain drill behind the disc?

Has anyone tried this before for soybeans? What are your thoughts on it? What we're some of the advantages and disadvantages? What would you recommend if you were to try it again? To elaborate a little, I was thinking about using a 10' disc for initial tillage followed by a dragging harrow followed by a grain drill. All the implements line up to 10' wide and I would be going slow with a good ole fashioned WD45. Might have to ditch the drag harrow if I can't make a tongue extension for the drill.
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Re: Pulling a grain drill behind the disc?

Never tried it, but it should work if you have enough grunt to pull it. I don't think it would work so good on really steep hills, where the implements tend to drift down the slopes and might not stay in line. If you have a lot of curves it might look a little messy.

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