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RPM for auger

I have an old grain cart that I would like to somehow modify the auger on. I'm not even sure what brand this thing is. It has two small augers in the bottom that bring grain to the upright front auger. The two small augers are very slow and shear the bolts often. The front upright auger worked untill dad tried to fold it while it was running. Now when grain gets to the point where the halfs meet the upper half stops and the lower half pushes it's self down away from the upper. I'm thinking of just putting a bigger auger in the bottom that would unload out the back and use it more like a gravity wagon. Not sure how best to power that auger or how fast it should turn.
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Re: RPM for auger

sounds like you've gotten all the good outta that one. Wagons work without any pto or moving parts. scrap is $200/ton.

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Re: RPM for auger

I agree with you Ida, sounds like this cart has already served its purpose.

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