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Radio communication

I've used CB radios in combines, tractors, pickups and home successfully for a lot of years but, this year the skip was so bad, we could hardly hear each other from combine to grain cart.  The squelch had to be turned up so high that unless we were within a stones throw we could not break the high squelch setting.  We could hear strong traffic (Mod Squad, Grease Monkey etc) from Alabama and surrounding areas.  I think these radio operators have their CB's cranked to put out high watts over and above what our factory CB's can deliver.  Here in Nebraska we just had the worst time communicating ever.        I've had UHF (or was it VHF?) radios but, had to pay repeater etc fees.   UHF radios were only hand held and those were big and clumsy, they worked great when you didn't forget them at home or in another vehicle or when the battery went dead.   Would really like something simpler mounted in each vehicle and farm equipment for communicating, any ideas?  I've heard of marine radios but, do not know what that is exactly and how this could work in my operation.  Like I said;  any ideas and I'm open to anything, thanks. 


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