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Raven envizio pro not adjusting rate

We have a 08 apache as1010 that we bought this year, and finally was able to use today. We are having a problem with the rate controller not adjusting to the speed of the machine. Currently have to spray at 15mph without changing any speed for the rate to be correct. Any slower and we are applying at higher rates, up to 40gpa or more depending on speed. GPS signal is good and the speed is reading out on the monitor. Any advise will be appreciated, it is a holiday today and can't reach dealer who sold us the machine.
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Re: Raven envizio pro not adjusting rate

I am having problems too with rate cotrol with raven flow meter and control motor.  In your case It sounds like the info from flow meter isn't reaching your control motor.  In my case my actual gallons per acre starts flickering all over, ie. rate is set for 5 gpa but number for actual gpa is on 5 most of the time then will all of the sudden jump to 12,16,9 and back 5.  

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