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Rebuilding Combine Concaves

Does anyone know if there is someone who specializes in rebuilding concaves? I have a standard Gleaner L concave..that aside from being worn in pretty good shape. Just wondered if someone welds them back up..and grinds them to shape.

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BA Deere
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Re: Rebuilding Combine Concaves

I don`t know of who rebuilds them, but T.H.E. company has a Gleaner L concave for $1010. Kind of spendy considering a JD 9600 one is only $944.

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Re: Rebuilding Combine Concaves

I have a rotary now but, have used St. Johns Welding to have a concave rebuilt in my conventional combine.  I think you can get most all threshing components through them...........  It has been a while and don't know what their prices are.

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