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Reccomend a good disc chisel?

Does anyone have a good model of disc chisel that they can reccomend? Our old one is getting weak and gets to visit the welder frequently. It was fairly good until we upsize tractors and went faster, and it just needs replaced. It is a 9 shank, and the tractor is 205 hp. I think an 11 or maybe a 13 shank pulled a little slower is what I want. I wanna run about 5 mph or so.

I had seen Deere 712's are fairly cheap, which says something. So thinking a 714 or a case 6650. Any thoughts?
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Re: Reccomend a good disc chisel?

Without question, a Krause or Sunflower. And don't figure on pulling a 13 shank  with a 205 horse tractor @ 5 mph. You might..and I stress might pull the 11 shank one of these two machines that fast, but only in some sandier ground. I have a 9 shank Krause and with 4 inch wide chisels...4.75 MPH behind my 7230 is about all I can make when pulling it 9-10 inches deep. The shanks on these chisels don't bounce around...I've only seen mine move when pulling it through frozen ground.

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