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RoGator 1074

The farm I am working at has a 2005 RoGator 1074. Recently the auto flow rate has stopped working correctly. Sometimes it stays constant and sometimes it fluctuates badly. We are spraying at 4.5 gal/acre running 13-15mph at 40psi. I believe it has a raven 661 controller. The owner of the machine tried adjusting the cal numbers on the controller and it didn't seem to make any difference. Are there any adjustments that can be made to the Hyd. system? Any other suggestions? Thank You for your time.



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Re: RoGator 1074

make sure the flow meter is working correctly... (check the wiring also)

make sure that AUTO is selected for the rate control (otherwise it will appear to jump all over).

make sure the control valve is working correctly and check the wiring.

depending on where the filter is in the system and how the system is piped, make sure it isn't plugged.


These suggestions are not for a RoGator, but what I have seen with my rate controller.




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Re: RoGator 1074

Just saw your Question. Figure it out?   If not,  put in Manual and hold the switch to Inc. Does the pressure go up smoothly.  Go to decrese Does it go down smoothly.  When you are spraying in the field, does the speed remain constant. (Checking Radar). When you are spraying and the rate suddenly goes up, check what the flow rate is. Is it going up also. If it is, it could be the speed sensor-Radar.  If you are spraying and you put it in Manual, does the rate remain pretty steady. If so you  have a Pump Control problem.

  Give me an E mail if you have more Questions

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