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Round Balers JD 435 vs NH 650

What are good and bad points between a Deere 435 and a New Holland 650? They both make 4 X 6 bales right? I rented a newer New Holland baler last fall to bale some cornstalks and wasn't overly impressed, mostly an issue with the net wrap though. The monitor on that one hated me but that may have been lack of training.



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Re: Round Balers JD 435 vs NH 650

The NH 650 baler is a great baler . The net wrap system can be touchy. The thing you need to check is the duck bill to make sure that the netting is all the way in to the bale chamber. The baler is older so you need to check the declutching system for accessive ware. Check the belts splices and belt leneth . The monitor is a simple system to learn. The deere baler had lighter roller bearing the new holland baler rollers.

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Re: Round Balers JD 435 vs NH 650

   I have a Deere 435.  When I was thinking of buying a round baler I didn't know either which way to go as I have both dealers nearby.  I was talking 1 day at a hay auction witha guy about 60.  He said he was raised on all New Holland hay equipment.  That year he had just bought a new NH round baler, about 6 or 7 years ago now.  It had some problems so he took it back to the dealer and his neighbor let him borrow his Deere baler.  The Deere baler impressed him so much that when his NH was fixed he took it straight to the Deere dealer and traded for a new Deere baler.  I didn't know anything about round balers at all but after hearing that I made up my mind to get a Deere.  Mine is a 1996 model with net wrap.  The only problem I have had is we have broken a gate closing spring.  If you bale really dry material like straw start the bale at a slow rpm to help start the bale.  I have been told baling corn stalks is extremely hard on a baler so I don't do it.

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