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Shouldn't of bragged on my truck.

I bought a 2003 powesrtroke 6.0 new,it now has around 90,000 pretty hard miles on it. I was bragging to a friend about two weeks ago how I haven't had any trouble other than a new egr. Last week I lost a fuel injector,and it blew to pieces in the block destroying a piston, and the rod. Now it sounds like its gonna take 7,000 to put it back together right. They are   gonna do head studs, and an egr delete,which they told me helps take care of the injector problems,( why didn't they delete it first time) So anyway don't brag on a machine it will break. And for the record I still like this truck, and has anyone here done the head studs and egr delete will it help down the road.

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Re: Shouldn't of bragged on my truck.

Look up Lot of good info.  Put bulletproofdiesel ficm on my 06 6.0 ,made a great improvement in starting and runability. Throw your ford radiator cap away and pick one up at O'Reilly. Compare difference. 

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Re: Shouldn't of bragged on my truck.

if thats all the probs youve had with an early 6.0 you got a good one. but that not many miles either


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