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Skid steer snowblower

Looking at several snowblowers for my tracked skid steer (mini trac loader). It has high flow (38gpm) and 75 h.p. and weighs  12000 lb. with weights. I have found a few from U.S. that I like but with the exchange they are very expensive. My favorite Canadian built one I have found so far is an Allied or Farm King made by Buhler. I know some  people around here have the newer higher horsepower tractor ones from Farm King and like them . I  am. trying to find a few people that have used them on this site and get  some comments. Regardless of model I need around 84" width and am looking for over a 1000lbs of weight and 4 blade fans and hydraulic dual drive. Constructive comments appreciated. :" I run with a 920 pronovost on a 120 h.p.  tractor now and yes I realize no skidsteer will match this for volume! I us a pusher bucket (102") now for the big stuff in our yarsds.

Edit: Since asking this I have discovered the Allied blower has a shallow (less then 6") fan housing and will limit capacity. On know to Pronovost and Edge.

 Ended up buying the Pronovst because of capacity. Same as the one I had on tractor except a weight class lower (1150#) with 26" fan 10.5" deep Smiley Happy

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