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Skidsteer firewood cutter

My facebook friends kept sharing this video, so I had to finally check it out. Pretty nifty rig. Anybody ever seen one of these before? Or, built one yourself? Looks like a replacement for a whole lot of elbow grease!


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Re: Skidsteer firewood cutter

I helped my BIL cut and split a grain truck full of firewood last winter and it took us all afternoon and there were 8 of us. Granted we had to chainsaw the tree's into pieces and haul them a few miles back to the yard to split them, this setup would have saved us a lot of time. But on the flip side, it is nice to spend a day of hard work with your family. Makes that sundown bowl of chili taste that much better.
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Re: Skidsteer firewood cutter

You can buy one for $25,000.00!

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