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Sprayer problem

Have a top air sprayer with Dickey John and Tee jet controllers. It has a hand held toggle switch that has off/auto/and flush as the three options. I can only get pressure when I hold the switch in flush, in auto I get nothing, everything seems to be set up right in the monitors except my radar is a little off. Anybody have this happen.

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Re: Sprayer problem

Can you set the controller display to show your ground speed?  I was helping troubleshoot a sprayer once and a wire frayed so that the controller wouldn't read ground speed.  We guessed that without being able to read a stable 'speed' the controller defaulted off.  Fixed the wire, and it started working, so we must have guessed right.  The one we worked on, jumped from about the proper speed, to zero, and all over in between.

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Re: Sprayer problem

First thing I do on any electrical problem is check the ground.

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