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Spun rod end bearings

I have a Deere 310C backhoe. There are several sleeve bearings (steering, bucket and swing) that have spun, blocking the grease fitting port. The bearing sleeve material is very hard. A High speed drill bit won't scratch it. I'd like to drill a new grease hole through the bearing to the internal grease channel.

Anybody have a suggestion or experience on how to accomplish this??

Thanks for your thoughts...Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Spun rod end bearings

most people think the grease fitting is stopped up when this happenns

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Re: Spun rod end bearings

You could try a better drill bit, but if the bushing stuck so hard to the pin that it turned, I doubt if you will get any grease in there anyway.  I'm afraid the best choice is to take it all apart and put it back together right. I'm surprised  that JD didn't use bushings with a full groove inside and out that would eliminate that annoying problem or a left and right bushing with an opening in the middle. Smiley SurprisedAre you sure you are not trying to drill through the pin?

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