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Has anyone had experience with Stalkstompers? We are using a Deere Stalkmaster corn head and destroying our ripper tractor tires. My concern is that they will push trash ahead of them and bunch the stalks. Secondly, I'm wondering if the stalk stubble will stand back up before we get it ripped. Anyone have input?



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Re: Stalkstompers

we got a may wes stalk stomper this spring to run on our tractor that is strip tilling.  It worked great, no stalk buildup,  the stumps are basically gone after it went over them,  these were all shredded stalks too.  we drive down the same lanes to plant and spray no stubble damage to our two planter tractors at all.  The only draw back is it makes alot of dust  at the front of the tractor and it plugged up our radiator and two air filters on a newer tractor.  One day when it was really hot and the front dust was making the tractor overheat we didnt use it on about 100 acres driving 10mph on the shredded stumps almost completely ruined our tires it was amazing the damage it did,  I suppose cause it was driving so fast and those little stumps are really tough.  The dust wasnt always a problem though.  Great piece of equipment seemed very tough and very flexible, there was a couple times I thought I probably broke something and it was fine going through a really deep draw fast or backing up with it still down.  We would run it down while disking and basically everything we did just to smooth out our road even though we have ILS it was still making the ride a little smoother in those situations too.

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