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Starter Fertilizer Equipment

I'm interested in putting stater fertilizer on my planter using a pop-up in furrow but am having a hard time deciding which tube to use.

Would like some imput on what you are using and if you heard of any problems with any specific tube out there.

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Re: Starter Fertilizer Equipment

In the past I used the starter tubes on the keeton seed firmers on a jd 1760 planter. About 2 times a season I would have something plug the press whels and push the seed firmer against the planter gauge wheel and wear a hole in the fert. tube. Kindof a mess and hassle. Went to the tube that run betwwen the disc openr made by L&D ag and no more problems. They take a while to install, but trouble free after that. The tubes are very similar to the ones called "totally tubular", i think.

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Re: Starter Fertilizer Equipment

I'm using Keetons and their plastic tubes to put on in-furrow fertilizer.  In 3 years I've had a couple of failures from wearing a hole in a fertilizer tube. 

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